Growing an audience is, well, hard.

You have to generate interest, relevancy, and dependency to a growing sea of people in order to either establish or maintain a presence in an important market. 

It’s what keeps businesses around for the long haul and elevates their founders to moonwalking out of the bank with smiles on their faces.

20% of businesses fail in the first year and 50% don’t make it past their fifth.

It often comes down, in some way, With the right understanding of how to grow an audience to sell a product or service, this is what prevents entrepreneurs from falling into this hole that’s nearly impossible to get out of. 

Sick of banging your head trying to figure out exactly how to get people paying more attention to your business?

If you can discover the methodology to secure staring eyes and wallets, you’ll see booming growth and sexy bank statements.

There is a way to make this happen and keep what you have growing on a monthly basis.

This is why I’m starting the Action & Accountability Membership, the world’s best online community & membership training that teaches the fastest, and easiest way to grow and monetize an audience. 

It’s not your typical one-on-one instruction: it’s a bubbling community, a hybrid, monthly membership that is built on a foundation of teamwork and intense coaching. 

After this membership, I guarantee that you’ll understand how to organically build an audience and capitalize on it.

This is what the membership entails: 

  • It starts with us putting together a KPI scorecard so you’ll be able to track the growth in your results.
  • Every month, you'll get a live training that's no fluff but simple, to-the-point, and action based
  • Two weeks after the training, you can join me for a live Q&A co-working call so that you can ask questions about the month's topic AND get work done
  • In the first month, we’ll work on email lists. The content will involve setting one up, writing copy for your welcome series, and much more. 
  • From there, we move onto platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook Groups to study realistic growth.
  • There's a monthly game plan that consists of defined goals on a weekly and daily basis that come from the month’s focus (available in PDF, Asana, Trello, and Todoist templates)
  • There are emails sent out on Mondays & Fridays that explain what needs to be done for the week
  • Every Wednesday, you have the opportunity to post your homework for the month to get real-time feedback from me + the community

Are you ready to build a raving audience that converts into sales and is fun serve?

To do so, these trainings, community, and monthly Q&A co-working call is available to you for only $99 per month

(and you can cancel at any time).

Seriously, is growing an audience from scratch worth the headache without the direction to help with it?

For just $99 a month to join an instructive community that specializes in this, it’s a no brainer.

I’ll see you when you enroll today!

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